Bridal Services



At Kimberly's Glam Spa And Boutique I make it a priority in making sure you look your very best on the most important day of your life, it could be next week, next month or next year. I prepare you for that unforgettable special day I will offer you a complete full body therapeutic experience, and help you achieve total beauty with ravishing facials. I will make you look radiant and makeup that will make you look stunning on that very special day.




From the beginning...

Facial- regular facial treatment provides glowing and a radiant complexion keeps makeup looking fresh.

Body treatments-cleanse, replenish and nurtures. Your body will be polished and silky smooth. 

Makeup- the right technique creates a superb wedding day look. The makeup I will use, will make you look spectacular on your wedding day. you have a choice of mineral makeup or regular makeup.

Waxing- taking care of delicate areas, your delicate body parts will feel smooth and soft.


Brides we advise making a trial run appointment for your wedding makeup needs at least two months in advance of your wedding day.



Glam Spa facial designed to give a deep cleansing leaving your skin glowing and radiant and a detoxifying body rub which exfoliates the entire body leaving your skin visibly radiant, silky smooth. Also a special gift for the bride.




Deep cleansing facial with warm aroma therapy steem towels to unblock pores and hydrate the skin also shape and define the grooms eyebrows and refine his appearance on his big day. 

Ok here comes the groom!


Makeup for bride $65

Makeup for 2-3 bridesmaids or attendants $60

Makeup for 4 or more bridesmaids or attendants $55

Grooms eyebrow waxing $12