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Thanks for joining me in  Kimberly's Glam Cafe room , you are welcome to sip a cup of tea or champagne with me  as we chit chat the latest in skin care news, fashion, beauty and upcoming events. Lets get started......


Hi, Ladies  Kimberlys Glam Spa and Boutique has relocated to 1515 North University suite 208A Coral Springs Fl 33071. NOW! Let's Start Our Chit Chat

Kimberly's Glam Spa and Boutique was closed due to Covid-19. The Re-opening Date is June1 2020


Client Arrival and Intake

  1. Clients will need to wear a Mask  when entering the Building.
  2. Prescreening calls Day before Appointment
  3. A No-contact Thermometer to take the Clients Temperture
  4. Clients will have to wash and Sanitize Hands before service
  5. Clients will have to fill a Covid -19 Health Questionaire before service
  6. If your not feeling well.No worries there is no cancellation or penalty at this time. 

At Kimberly's Glam Spa and Boutique your Health and Safety is my Top Priority. Kimberly's Glam Spa and Boutique protocols for Disinfecting and Sanitizing are in full order.There will be disposable sheets and disposable blankets.After every client and there is a 30 minute window before next client with additional Disinfecting and Sanitizing.

Safety is My Number 1!!Priority along with these Precautionary steps Kimberly's Glam Spa and Boutique is here to help keep our community healthy and safe.

Please let me know if you have any Questions Contact me@754-281-2763