Kimberly's Glam Spa And Boutique is just brilliant! Not only does it deliver what it claims to do, but the treatments are enjoyable and so heavenly. Kimberly did my makeup at one of her jewelry events and gave me the look I was looking for. Her jewelry are glam just like the name, I picked out some of the jewelry and got lots of great compliment, prices are reasonable and I would definitely recommend Kimberly's Glam Spa And Boutique!



Kimberly's Glam Spa And Boutique is definitely the place to go for all your makeup and jewelry needs. Kimberly has been doing my makeup and supplying my jewelry for a year now and I must say I am totally satisfied! My jewelry pieces have been highly recognized and complimented by all gender and races and my makeup has given me the glamorous look I always dream of. The service is extra ordinary, I recommend you to visit Kimberly's Glam Spa And Boutique today for your Glam look.

-Shanice, Florida


I attended Kimberly's Glam Spa And Boutique and I had an experience I have never had before. It was so soothing and she was so gentle I personally would recommend this treatment to anyone I have others but I can truly recommend this anti age facial to anyone.

-Brabara J., Florida