Kimberlys Glam Spa And Boutique offers some of the best skincare and body treatment to nurture and hydrate your skin.



PCA SKINCARE: professional treatment scientifically formulated to gently stimulate, firm and tighten skin. PCA skincare corrects acne skin, aging skin, hyper pigmentation, rosacea. 


SKIN FITNESS : provides your skin with essential daily nutrients that constantly challenge, energize and revitalize your skin leaving it looking amazing, smoothing and glowing


BELLA LUCCE`: Bella Luccè’s Luxe collections are your passport to exquisite pampering, inspired by indigenous beauty rituals from around the globe. It unlocks the secret to exquisite skin by sourcing some of the most exotic ingredients on the planet.


BALANCED GURU (CERTIFIED ORGANIC WELLNESS):  passionate about wellness and how it translates to all aspects of beauty. Offer only certified organic choices of skin care, hair care, spa, and aromatherapy, formulated based on ancient eastern wisdom and modern scientific research. Although we know you are already beautiful, we hope you find in our products a way to maintain and nourish your beauty inside and outside.